WELCOME TO Birch & Pen


Congratulations to jordan for being honored by the SC house of representatives!

Jordan Jackson is the youngest store owner in the history of Northwoods Mall. Birch & Pen Boutique opened on Saturday, November 3rd. Please visit the Birch & Pen Boutique in the Dillards’ wing of Northwoods Mall, located 2150 Northwoods Boulevard, North Charleston, SC 29406.

Jordan Jackson and  Keisha Smith .

Jordan Jackson and Keisha Smith.

Jordan Jackson, owner of birch & pen boutique

This edgy fashion stylist and interior decorator has taken the industry by storm.  Meet Jordan Jackson, owner of Birch & Pen Boutique.  Check out these upcoming events.

keisha smith, owner of birch & pen workshop

Entrepreneur, growth coach, trainer, and teacher are just a few roles that she plays in the lives of visionaries and in the hearts of businesses.  Keisha Smith, owner and operator of Birch & Pen Workshop, is working visions on a daily basis. 

Together, this mother/son team has geared up to make a major impact in both the business and the fashion worlds. Be sure to connect with Birch & Pen on social media; Facebook and Instagram. And subscribe today to stay updated with Birch & Pen.

Birch & Pen Boutique - NOW OPEN!

Birch & Pen Boutique is a retail clothing and accessories boutique that specializes in high-fashion, trendy apparel for men and women at affordable prices. The brand choices will constantly evolve and set the standard for pop culture style. Birch & Pen Boutique is located in Northwoods Mall (Dillards’ wing) in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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Birch & Pen Workshop

Entrepreneurs who desire immediate results will benefit from the Quickstart. And existing business owners/executives who want to move to the next level may need a Jumpstart.  Click here to schedule your session today.