Birch & Pen Workshop

Birch & Pen Workshop is a full service, unique workshop that caters to the individual needs of visionaries in two very distinct ways.  The first by providing customized business support that will build a solid foundation and promote growth.  And the second by allowing the visionary the opportunity to promote and sell their products and/or services in Birch & Pen Boutique.

Are you familiar with the struggles of artists, entrepreneurs or small  business owners?  As a small business owner, I am too.  I absolutely love working with these brilliant individuals.  But I've come to realize that they do not have the support to succeed.  That's where I come in.  Although I don't guarantee success, I do guarantee that the Birch & Pen Workshop will provide the necessary tools to move anyone forward in their vision if they are ready. 

Ideal Clients

  • Artists

  • Authors

  • Designers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Faith-Based Leaders

  • Pastors

  • Small Business Owners (20 or less employees)

  • Visionaries

Is your business is stagnant or not progressing? It may need a JumpStart. Do you have any idea or a vision that you need to cast? The QuickStart program may be right for you. Be sure to schedule a Consultation with Keisha today, click here.