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Welcome to 88 Flavors

In Numerology the number 8 signifies the number of Abundance, Infinity, and Eternity. When two eights are placed side by side to form 88, the number's power is multiplied by Infinity.

Flavor goes beyond just a sense of taste. Flavor is the style or very essence that makes each individual unique. At 88 Flavors, our Flavors are in Abundance

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The 88 Flavors Clothing Brand is a trendy, fashionable line currently being featured in Birch & Pen Boutique in the Northwoods Mall, North Charleston, SC. Windbreakers, Pullover Hoodies and Tees are currently in store. Come in today to see the latest fashions from 88 flavors.

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Website: 88flavors.com

Instagram: @88flavorsclothing

In Store: Birch & Pen Boutique, 2150 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406