Keisha Smith is a professional growth coach who empowers others by using her teaching, training, writing and speaking tools. She is also the owner of Birch & Pen Workshop, where she specializes in growing organizations.

Keisha’s desire to professionally grow people and businesses manifested during her career span in the non-profit sector. For more than 15 years, she created healthy processes and methods used by these organizations to better serve their intended communities.

Today, Keisha is sought after by faith-based leaders, and other non-profit and for profit agencies for her ability to grow organizations to and beyond their next levels of success. Her unconventional methods and out-of-the-box thinking, combined with planning and preparation allows for healthy growth and sustainability.

Believing that people have to go through the process, Keisha makes herself and her team available to those who have a strong desire to move forward, while following a plan.

She earned her Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Business from Virginia College.